60s70s icon
New style to listen music.
Turn your iPhone to vintage radio.

New style music player

Be cool with the simulation of vintage radio. Rearrange your iTune songs to make artificial radio frequencies with noise effect.

Awesome radio skins

Get many kind of radio models as you need. Each model has different abilities and feeling.

Control via status bar

You can listen music in background mode when minimize the application. The radio will integrate with the console of IOS status bar.

Your own music station

Choose musics for each station and name the station to categorize them (for example: rock, pop, jazz or as you desire)

Universal application

Buy once, run on any devices (iPhone/iPad/iPod). Support full screen mode and make use of the area of each device.

iOS6 Ready!

In this version, application is compatible with iOS 6. Many bugs in older version have been fixed.